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Welcome to our dating tips and advice for men! Trust me, you can meet tons of ladies online, and it’s really not that hard. I don’t care where you live, or what you look like. There’s a sexy single female somewhere out there, waiting just for you! Enjoy, and happy hunting!

Dating Advice, Personal Ad Tips and Guidlines

Using personals and online dating sites are all the rage these days. To gain an edge, it helps to know how to use the dating sites effectively. This will increase your chances to get quality responses from the type of singles you seek.

General Online Dating Advice

Millions of single men and women now frequent personal ads and online dating sites to meet other singles and form the type of relationships they seek. To get the best results, we recommend placing your personals profile on every top dating and matchmaking site available. Why? Simple. There is power in numbers! The more free ads you place, the more responses you’ll receive.

Men especially, have to realize that there are about one hundred male personals to every one female personal ad. If you don’t get many replies to your personal ads, it’s probably because your personal is well, boring. Women tend to reply to personals that make them giggle or cause a ‘sigh’. Keep this in mind when creating your personals AND replying to them as well!

Be sure to take plenty of time in writing your personal ad. This is your ‘first impression’ and you must make it interesting enough to entice singles to respond to it. Be creative, witty, funny and charming. Let your personality shine through. With literally millions of personal ads out there, you must try and stand apart from the rest!

The worse possible reply is “Hi! I saw your ad and you look a person I’d like to know. Write to me!” Yikes. This will probably NOT get to many responses. And you’d be surprised how many replies are almost exactly like that.

Make sure you upload as many digital photograph’s as possible to your personal ads, or get a biography web site. Nice Pictures make all the difference. It DOES not matter what you look like, post your pictures, and you will get MORE response’s to your personal ad.

Searching the millions of online personals can be a time consuming process. This is why it’s imperative that singles really take the time to work out a perfectly tailored response when finding someone that you would really like to date. This is true especially for single gentlemen out there. Female personals receive hundreds more response’s then male personals, so writing a witty, charming and well thought out reply is so very important.

When replying to internet personals, keep in mind that this is YOUR first impression. Write perhaps a paragraph about yourself but don’t make it a novel! Your goal is to peek the other single persons interest, and having them write you back. Keep in air of mystery about you, let them want to find out more!

Don’t give out too much personal information, and DO NOT give out any more contact info then your e-mail until after a well established relationship has developed. You should never reveal your phone number or home address until a trusting online relationship has been established.

Let the person you’re interested in, know what you like about their ad, and why you decided to respond to it. Mention things you might have in common, and inquire about their other likes and interests. Make sure you don’t ask any questions that might seem too personal or somewhat invasive. It’s a good idea to include a personal picture when replying to personals, or perhaps a link to your web site or a personal ad you have listed. This gives them the option to check you out and see if there’s a spark. If you don’t get replies, don’t take it personal. There are plenty of single peeps on the net!

Advice on Writing Personals

Here are some tips for writing better personal ads and introduction letters.

The premise for good personal writing is to “sell yourself.” You do this by sounding as if you are approachable by emphasizing your best points and through not making disastrous mistakes. Every word will be considered by others. Don’t give any reason to reject you, or sound as if you would reject them. The idea is to get as many letters from different people as possible. After you corresponded and talked with them agile an, you and they can better make a decision about whether to move the relationship toward a higher level. And most important of all–be honest. Tell about the person you are, not the person you want to be.

Nine general rules that might be helpful:

1. This rule is the first one for a reason: Sell yourself, don’t sell the type of person you are looking for. Others will read your letter to find out about you not the type of person they are looking for. When you start listing all the things you are looking for in a mate, what are you doing? You are getting more and more specific about your “ideal partner” and that rapidly narrows your pool of potentials. No one has exactly all of the qualities you are looking for. If you are less specific about what you are looking for, you may receive a letter from a wonderful person with a lot to offer, that you might not have normally considered. By being so exacting and specific in the type of person, you are throwing away a lot of possibilities. And, if you do get a letter from someone who doesn’t match your interests, you can always turn them down in a polite letter. The idea is to get as many letters as possible. In the search for that special someone, volume is always better. A happily married couple visited our office on their wedding anniversary. The lady reported receiving more than 100 letters from her Country Connections subscription and didn’t know what to do. She let her father read through the letters and he gave her one and said, “This guy’s a keeper, you better write him.” She did and the rest is history. They have now been married five years.

2. This is one for the men. Stop writing that you are looking for a “slender woman.” Guys, have you ever met a woman who thought she was slender? No offense to the women who are reading this but nearly all will say they would like to lose a few pounds. When a guy writes that he is looking for a slender woman, that is akin to writing that they are looking for a super model. Many will be afraid to write. Men have more tolerance for body types than they think.

3. This is one for the women. Many men want a slender woman and the women want a “guy.” To a man nothing sends up a red flag faster than writing about his finances. Have you ever meet a man who said he wants a woman to marry him for his money? Although they might act like boys with costly toys, men want to be loved for who they are, not how much they have. Writing how you are looking for a financially secure guy, is going to scare a lot of men off and limit your responses.

4. Men, believe it or not, how well you make a living counts for a lot in your attractiveness. If you can’t hold a job, save money, pay your bills and be financially responsible, you need to set your loneliness aside and start improving yourself. It wouldn’t be fair to you or the woman to bring her into a relationship where you are not floating above the financial waters. Financially security is important but don’t flaunt it.

5. Ladies: physical attractiveness is important. A healthy, active woman is more attractive than one who is sedentary and unmotivated. If you can live a more healthy lifestyle, it could aid you in your search for that special someone. If you are exercising or doing things to improve your health, they could be a selling point if used subtly.

6. Some people are afraid to reveal their age or weight and leave those questions vague. To someone reading your letter, this could appear as though you have something to hide. Letters and profiles are not the place to be deceptive. It is best be open and show who you really are.

7. Subscribers who send pictures to be published with their personal profile always seem to get more letters. And more letters means a high probability of success. However, don’t send just any picture. If you don’t have a good picture, have a friend taken of you. Remember, people are going to to be looking at your photo and using it to help them decide if they want to write a letter. Please provide us with a flattering photo. We have received them but driver’s license photos and pictures with a former spouse are not real helpful. Neither are pictures taken 10 or 20 years ago. The best photos show happy, pleasant to be around people.

8. Even though the profile form is the same for everyone, you have an opportunity to write about yourself at the bottom of the form. Use this space to write something original and creative. Be yourself. Be different from the other subscribers. Make yourself standout. as a person with something unique and wonderful to offer to others. The more information you provide the easier it is for our staff to prepare your profile. We remember the lady who wrote, “I can dig postholes with the best of them.” Her profile stood out and she received lots of mail.

9. When it comes to hobbies and leisure activities men like men things and women like women things. Fortunately, our interests sometimes crossover and we find things in common with someone ease. And common ground is the number one reason we enter into relationships with others. When writing every word becomes important for selling yourself. That is why both men and women should first include those hobbies and interests which would also be of interest to others. If you are a woman who likes to watch college football, by all means list this. And men if you like to cook, women would consider that a golden nugget of information.

Safe Dating Tips : Don’t be too quick in revealing your name, address and telephone number. Get to know the person you are corresponding with first. On first dates we suggest you meet at a neutral location, perhaps at a cafe, shopping mall, fair or similar event.

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